Rental Homes in Kenya Are the Best

home rentals

There are very many upcoming real estate owners in Kenya today. They all have one target and that is to get you as their client to buy or rent a home. There are many reasons why you should opt to rent a home in Kenya. One of these include lack of enough money to buy […]

Get the Best Homestays in Kenya

Experience Nairobi with a Kenyan family

There is nothing interesting like going outside your home and meeting people with different cultures. Enjoy being in a different landscape, learning their language, their cultures; learn how to cook their traditional food and drinks, dress like them, dance with them and such things. This is a lifetime experience that you should desire to have. […]

Traveling Tips

Traveling tips

Traveling is something that we face from time to time. You may be needing to travel on a business trip out of town or simply go and catch up with your relatives upcountry. Whatever the need is, it is important to plan and take precaution so that you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable trip. […]

The Magical Island of Lamu

Lamu Kenya

The Kenyan Coast province is one the largest provinces in Kenya. Tucked deep in the Coastal province is the island of Lamu. Lamu is actually a group of four islands; Lamu Island, Manda island , Pate island and Kiwayu Island making up the Lamu Archipelago. Lamu is probably one of the best kept secrets of […]