Top Ten Smartphone Apps for 2012


Life has been made so much easier, thanks to Mobile Phones. You can start kissing your boring secretary goodbye by simply investing in some amazing applications that are slated to make 2012 an amazing year for you.

There are numerous Apps Stores and to remain competitive in the market, these stores are teaming up with developers to come up with solutions to everyday problems. The goal of many Apps is to offer their users convenience and make life a breeze.

Trust me, there are hundreds of Apps in the market today and users are totally lost on what each does and which ones they should invest in.

Let us make your life easier by discussing the Top Ten Smartphone Apps for 2012 in our opinion. You can comfortably invest in a number of these Apps and be sure to enjoy 2012.

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Top 10 Smartphone Apps for 2012
Top 10 Smartphone Apps for 2012
  1. Christmas List

Its Christmas time and joy is in the air.

With the season comes the need to remember a whole load of stuff! Gifts have to be bought and cards have to be sent.

Christmas List is a great App to help make your life easy. This smart App will copy all your contacts and allow you to take notes. You can go ahead and assign gifts and cards to your friends and keep track of what you have bought and the amount spent compared to the budget you had set.

There is no excuse for forgetting your friends and family and spending more than you had budgeted.

Remember, you can use this App at any other time of the year to schedule purchases and track expenses.

2. LastPass

If you are anything like me, then I’m sure you have suffered at some point because of forgetting important passwords you use. It’s such a bad feeling to be locked out from a site or your emails simply because you cannot remember your password!

You can give your brain a break and invest in LassPass. This Password Manager can be used in PCs using MAC, Windows or Linux Operating Systems.  It is also available for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile.

You can access your passwords anytime, anywhere using LastPass and to make life even better, you can use this App to generate strong hacker proof passwords.

3. Pageonce

If 2011 was not a good year for your personal finances, don’t go into 2012 without this Application. When it comes to seamless management of personal finances, Pageonce is probably the very best App in the market.

Manage your credit cards, their PIN numbers and effectively track your expenditure so that you never run the risk of overcharging your credit card or missing a payment.

It will help you keep details financial records that will help you save on lateness charges, excessive expenditure and mystery cash.

Take advantage of their free version that can work with virtually all Smartphones. Take it a step further and invest in the Pro version to help you manage every single detail of your finances.

In my opinion, this is a must have App in 2012.

4. reQall

Do you struggle to remember small task and appointments in your life? Recalling simple dates like when your payments fall due or which evening to collect your laundry can skip your mind and get you into a lot of trouble.

Create a “To Do” list that will help you remember those important tasks. The app takes it a step further and reminds you the time and venue if any of all your tasks.  The reminders you get will come in order of priority.

You can easily update your “To Do” list through an email or via voice. Do a trial using their free version and if you love it, $25 is all you have to part with each year for the pro version.

5. Tvider

So, social media has become part and parcel of our lives socially and professionally and this will continue to be the case in 2012. Twitter and Facebook are the leading social media sites currently.  Facebook allows you unlimited updates while twitter gives you 140 characters to work with.

We all have so much we want to share about our everyday lives and work related information. Tvider is an Application that will allow you to take photos wherever you are and tweet on the go.

This App will also allow you to download Multimedia tweets from your friends.

Get this Application for your Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian, Windows mobile and Android phone and take advantage of social media in 2012.

6. Timr

Time is an asset that must be managed and accounted for! Timr will help you manage your time to find out how long a task takes. There is no better way to keep track of your billable hours than actually keeping a log of the time spent on an assignment. No more guess work and rough estimations!

If you have staff members on mileage, this is a smart and easy to use App to keep tabs of driving hours and its available on all smartphone platforms.

Its reporting system will amazing you and comes complete with GPS support as well as time zone adjustments.

7. Dropbox

A practical Application for Cloud Computing is Dropbox. All your documents are simply a button away. Keep track of all your documents and gain access to them anywhere you are at any time.

You can go ahead and enjoy traveling for your business meetings without having to carry files and paper work around; after all, we are in the paperless generation. You can easily view, download or upload documents from your smartphone any where, any time.

8. Evernote

If you are looking for a tried and tested Application to replace your notebook, then Evernote is what you are looking for.

Evernote is a note taking suite that efficiently replaces your notebook. It will easily help you take notes from your Smartphone and Mac and keep all your notes synchronized.

go ahead and arrange your notes in however you find convenient and worry not about tracking something because the search feature allows you to search through your notes. When a bright idea hits you, record it using this flexible App.

Whats even better is the feature found in the pro version that allows for group note taking. As a group, you can easily share notes and work together on a project conveniently.


9. Fast Add

It’s work to keep track of all the new telephone contacts you get each day. Seems all your friends now have 4 numbers each.

Fast Add is there to help you. This smart App saves contacts without you having to click the save button.  You will not be losing the many contacts you got from the cocktail you attended last night.

This App saves whatever details you take as you key them in.

10. Google Calendar

The Web based version of Google Calendar should give you an idea of what to expect from the mobile version. This App is there to help you integrate the inbuilt organizer of your phone and make it better.

The SMS alert feature will ensure that you do not miss any important messages. What’s makes it even better is the fact that the Application is absolutely free.

Now, a new Mobile Application is released just about every single day. It’s actually impossible to list down all those wonderful Apps that are a must have in 2012.

Do you have any application that is just a lifesaver? We would love to hear your comments.