The Full List of Illuminati Members in Kenya

So when we got a Facebook query on “how do I join Illuminati in Kenya”, I thought that this was one of those cuckoo Kenyans on Facebook who have nothing better to do in their lives.

That is before the Standard newspaper ran a silly article on Kenyans joining the illuminati in droves and using their mobile phones to solicit for new members. “Send me some money people, and I will make you Illuminati, said the voice on the other side of the phone.

Illuminati celebs in kenya 320x180 The Full List of Illuminati Members in Kenya

Before we begin, let me spell it out for you, dear Kenyans with nothing better to do in their lives. There is nothing like Illuminati. It’s a well-conceived con meant to take more money from your pocket to follow another lot of fake pastors and doomsday merchants.

I am sure some of you want to cry now and want to call me a devil worshipper but I honestly have too many things to do today and make you happy isn’t one of them.

Illuminati History and Conspiracy Theories

The secret Illuminati society was started in 1776 in Bavaria by Adam Weishaupt. Weishaupt patterned his organization on the Freemasons, and some say Illuminati infiltrated that group. It started with an original membership of 5 (1) . They took a vow of secrecy and divided themselves into three main classes, each with several degrees. Most of their original members came from Freemason Lodges.

I guess that is the first big problem for Illuminati conspiracy theorists. Obviously from that short paragraph above, being a Freemason does not equate to being an Illuminati.  Illuminati members ran away from Freemasons.

18 thoughts on “The Full List of Illuminati Members in Kenya

  1. illuminati is real as real as praising God its jus that we all choose different paths of worship read the bible read books and know things do not rely on one point of information. ITS REAL

  2. illuminati is real,look at signs used.However,there is truth in your article,some scammers have used the desperate need of people to get rich by coning them,the devil will never require money for you to join his disastrous kingdom,run away from him.

  3. true illuminati exists, but it’s not a club that you just waltz have to command some semblance of worldwide influence..and most importantly have to be white- a junguu..all the rest are but wannabes..research the foundation and fundamentals of the bavarian illuminati and understand why negro could never be in it, no matter how influential.wealthy they are..

  4. Do not allow yourself to be fooled by anyone! Lucifer was thrown out of heaven because he wanted to take God’s position. He is still determined to fulfill that wish here on earth. To better understand the fearful rendezvous to which this world is headed study the book of Revelation-especially chapters 12, 13, 14,16-18. Pray that God will reveal to you exactly what these chapters mean. No need to reach out to the popular ministers in Kenya today, whose chief goal is money making! They can’t tell you the meaning anymore than the so-called wise men of Babylon.

  5. Illuminati is a stage in freemasonry after the 33rd degree. You don’t have to be a member to know these things. Read some books!

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