House Plans in Kenya


If you compare the state of the construction industry in Kenya currently to some few years ago, a lot of growth can be noted.

Home ownership in Kenya is not easy especially because of the escalating cost of living. Most Kenyans are therefore not able to reach this dream of home ownership.

There are two options available; buying a home or constructing one. Construction is seen to be much cheaper than buyer a house especially when using simple house plans in Kenya.

House Plans in KenyaYou can take time to construct your home eventually and most likely save money. To buy a home, you need to acquire a mortgage from a reputable bank. You have to come up with the down payment and have the ability to pay the monthly repayment without a problem.

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For your to build your own home properly, you need to pay qualified service providers. Kenya has been hit by this thing of falling building as a consequence of inferior workmanship. You will need an architect, an engineer, a quantity surveyor and a  contractor.

A well constructed home or property commences with figuring out the ideal house plan to use. After getting a number of options of house plans, choose the one you like most.
The size  of  the land that you will build your house on will determine the type of property you will build. You have the option between a bungalow and a maisonette.

Generally, a maisonette is usually more costly than a bungalow simply due to the fact that a maisonette needs a concrete slab to support the upper floor of the house. You also have to consider a staircase that takes you to the upper floors.

On the other hands, maisonettes are good when you are building on a relatively small portion of land because you have more than one floor therefore your small piece  of land is maximized.
When you’ve got a small piece of land to build your home on, a moisonette is your best option. You can make best use of the small piece of land by building a multi-story house rather than a bungalow.

Maisonettes also provide better comfort by isolating the upper floor from the bottom floor. You can have all your bedrooms and private rooms on the upper floor.

If you have a limited budget to work with, look at a uncomplicated house plan that permits you to come up with additions in the future. You can always add other rooms, a domestic servant quarter or a garage at a later time when you have funds.

In order to keep your construction costs at bay, contract a good architect to design for you a home according to your desire and your budget. Working with a simple design reduces costs. The more complex the design the more it will cost to construct.

All house plans must be permitted by the relevant governing body before construction starts. It is also crucial to identify the suitable contractor who is able to develop the residence in accordance to the house plans provided.

Irrespective of your financial standing, start saving ahead of time to achieve your goal of owning a family house using simple house plans in Kenya.

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