Have you ever entered a room and people are talking animatedly about this new thing that is about to happen and you have no clue to what they are on about?

Google + was that thing for me.

Last week I came to the office find these two Inbound Marketing gurus, talking excitedly about a new social media platform about to be launched, that will be the mother and father of all social media platforms.

And it got me curious especially being barely that old in tweeting and now there is this other one coming. I needed information PAP!!

google plusWhat better place to go hunting for relevant info than the internet. First, I tried Google + site, but got the message capacity full wait for invitation, so “Google” I am still waiting.

In my search, I stumbled upon Chris Brogan’s site and he seemed to have the 411 I needed at the time, especially since he has had the opportunity to run tests on Google +. His list of Google + 50 makes a good read.

Here is his take on Google+

Google+ is built to take you away from either Facebook or Twitter (or both), and it could do it, in time.
If it seems like Friend Feed, and thus you worry it might burn out, know that Newt Gingrich has already joined.
With a G+ account, you get unlimited photo storage on Picasa. (Flickr feel threatened? FB photos?)
With Circles (how one groups people), you control privacy in a way that makes clear and obvious sense.
Your “about” section is rich, robust, allows links, photos, QR codes, and more. Marketers rejoice.