Kenya! Jubilee Is At The Gate! Let Us Usher It In.


Independent day/Jamhuri day!

12th 12th 12th will be a great day for Kenya as she celebrates her 49th year since 1963. This can be referred as to the ‘eve of jubilee’ which will enter in the year 2013.

Going to mathematics a bit and look about this numbers, can we find some meaning or is it a coincident that it is happening this particular day? It is only one nation in the world which will be celebrating this day which is 12th 12th 12th.

What does this number mean? Can we get some meaning? Do you believe in numbers?
12 is a product of 3 and 4. Number three means divine perfection while number four stands for the earth. And can you remember what history records about the creation of the earth?

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What if we add these two numbers what do we get? 3+4 = 7. Number 7 is believed to be a number of perfection. Perfect means it is totally good, nothing bad in it.

Think of it this way.. We have seen 7 years times 7 years of freedom celebrations in this nation. That is every year we enter into perfection. This will be a great one for the fulfillment of number 7.
This is how it is divine perfection + earth= perfect ruling
Then perfect x earth = perfect government! This is it!

Let’s look at jubilee. This happens at the 50th year of every person’s life. It is a new birth to celebrate. A fresh life.

Jubilee and the perfect government have a connection here. During the ancient days in the 50th years was the time when prisoners and slavery were set free, it was time to have freedom. The homeless could return and be reunited with their families. There was celebration. The trumpet could be blown on the air for everyone to know there is freedom in the nation.

What Will Determine The Jubilee Of Kenya?

It is already at the gate. And the biggest meaning is PERFECT GOVERNMENT. Will Kenyan determine this? Will she determine freedom or go back to slavery? Will it be a dawn or sun will set at that time?

Where Are You Kenyans?

A perfect government will not come when you say I won’t vote because God has already appointed his leaders from the thrown. It is not time to say I won’t vote because am living in a tent. This is carelessness of the highest capacity! We cannot afford to do this.

In 1963 a new dawn was ushered in by the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and our late Kenyan heroes. There was a new government, new rulership. There was freedom, people returned into their homes, families were united, education was given, roads were made, industries were build, churches and other religious doctrines and technology have come. Slavery period was over!

It is yet another time for Kenyans to get the other portion of this. Let’s stop being the third world. It is not our position. We need a leader who will bring freedom a fresh in this nation.

Arise Oh Kenya!

It is yet another time we are headed for election. Perfect government will determine on the elected leader. It is not time to vote because you are paid, it is not time to vote because you want your tribe to hold or keep the trend, it is not time to vote for the man of your county, it is not time to vote for any handsome or beautiful leader in this nation because beauty is vain, it is not time to vote because others are voting, it is not time to follow other people to the polling station!

It is time to choose for a leader who is divinely appointed by the creator. It is the time to use your mind and not anyone else. It is your time to chose and elects the leader. It is the time to elect a leader who will open the gate for the Kenya jubilee.

Let him or her be effective than Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, than President Moi and than our beloved President Kibaki. Let freedom prevail in this nation.

Who will shout to the ears of Kenyans and tell them it is our time. I listened to a man who came from the east and said he had a message for Kenya. This was the message.
Kenya will be totally healed from the tribal difference
Kenya will be a fatherly nation
Kenya will be the food basket for the nations
Kenya will become a home of refuge

Another woman from east came and said there will be restoration of the black race;
There will be restoration of the wealth
Restoration of wisdom
Great civilization
Reunion with families

Will Kenya be part of this if she elects the wrong leaders? Will the leaders who will succeed President Kibaki took Kenya back to the slavery or walk to its prophetic destiny? Will Kenyans sleep on the tent again? Will blood be poured in Kenyan soil because of a certain leader? Will we see what prophet Isaiah wrote in the holy book come to pass in our land?

Will ‘Munyao’ mount the flag to declare freedom?

Let one and all arise
With hearts both strong and true
Service be our earnest Endeavour
And our homeland of Kenya
Heritage of splendour
Firm may we stand to defend.

Our Motherland Our Home.